Airborne Applications  
Typhoon, EV Training Pod  A 
C17, VHF/UHF Communication System  A 
AH-64 Apache Long Bow System, Cockpit Instrumentation  A 
EA-6B Prowler, Classified Electronic Counter Measure Transmitter  A 
SOSTAR-X, Data Recording System  CB 
Falcon, Sikorsky Helicpoters, High Performance Airborne Camera  NB 
Seahawk and Seaking, Advanced Flight Data Recorder and Emergency Locator Beacon System  NBSM 
Eurochopper Tiger, Stinger Missile Launcher  NBSM, Semi-Custom 
Saphir 400 Missile System for A400M  PF 
AWACS Radar  SM 
Euro Figher, Transmitter for Search / Detection Radar  SM 
F-16 Targeting Pod  SM, Semi-Custom 
JSTARS  Custom 
Eurochopper Tiger, Stinger Missile Launcher  NBSM, Semi-Custom 
F-16 Targeting Pod  SM, Semi-Custom 

Ground Applications  
AS90 Braveheart, 155 mm self propelled gun, Turret Controller  CBNB 
Homeland Security KIOSK  A 
IBAS; Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem  NB 
ITAS; Improved Target Acquisition System  NB 
K-1 Main Battle Tank, FLIR  CS 
M-109 Mobile Artillery  NB 
M60-A3 Tank, Integrated Fire Control System  S 
Milan ER Missile  SMCBNB 
PAC-3; Pariot Advanced Capability Mark III  NBSMA 
Stinger Avenger  C 
HARM Targeting System  Custom 
JIM LR Multi-Function IR Binoculars, Battery Charger  Custom 
Korean Electro-Optical Tracking System  Custom 

Shipboard Applications  
Tomahawk Cruise Missile, Fire Control System  NB 
Trident II D-5 Missile, Fire Control System  SM 
AN/BQS-15 Mine Avoidance Sonar  A 
Trident (SSBN) submarine; Fire Control  SM 
Seawolf Missile  CB, Semi-Custom 
CB-51 Class Aegis Crusiers, Shipboard Fiber Optic System  A 
Shallow Water Influence Minesweep System  ANBSM 
Submarine Fire Control  Semi-Custom